Rares Crisan


Rares is an entrepreneur, constant learner, former member of Canada’s National Rowing team, law school graduate, and accomplished Chief Technology Officer.

“When my parents came to Canada they were able to make a stable foundation for my sister and I because they gave us a home. Three years into coming to a new country with no job prospects and two young kids, they were able to save enough money to buy a home. To think that 30 years later that reality is inaccessible for individuals with stable incomes, let alone those who are now in my parents position when they came, is an incredible issue to solve. Technology isn’t the only piece in this puzzle but it’s motivating to know the work I lead can have a positive impact.”

Prior to joining Key, he was CIO of Domio, an alternative accommodation provider. Rares brings over 10 years of senior leadership and software engineering experience from leading technology  at Looka, Techvibes and Brainstation.

Rares believes there’s great success and learning gained from trying to build expertise in areas you’re not naturally good at. This belief led to graduating from law school, becoming a top canadian rower, and a career in technology. To quote Rares, “Embrace humility, it takes you further than hubris.”