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The Torontonians who are embracing Key’s Model

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Over the past year, Key has made tremendous strides in making our mark on the Toronto real estate market. From having sold our first set of suites in record time to growing our budding community of Owner-Residents, we’re beginning to see our mission of turning more renters into owners come to life.But who are the Owner-Residents that have embraced Key’s new innovative model? We’d like to introduce you to a few of Key’s first Owner-Residents.  

Owner-Resident #1: Darren.

Darren was Key’s first Owner-Resident. After feeling locked out of the market and being entrenched in bidding wars, Darren heard about Key through his real estate agent. After going through the model, he decided Key was the perfect fit for him. You can learn more about how Key works with REALTORS® here. “The more I found out about Key, the flexibility behind it, the fact that it would allow me to have co-ownership of the property whilst being able to live the lifestyle that I wanted really appealed to me.”Darren is Australian, from Tasmania and works in the software industry. He’s passionate about travelling and is an avid music lover who owns two guitars.

Key's co-founder Daniel Dubois sitting with Darren Andrews

Owner-Resident #2: Keisha.

Like many of our Owner-Residents, Keisha found out about Key through social media. As a millennial, she felt that she was chasing the homeownership dream while home prices continue to rise every year. Key made homeownership possible for her.“Key’s model stood out to me as a single-income, first-time homebuyer, that’s challenging in real estate let alone in Toronto. Looking at this as an opportunity and how it changes the concept of not having to worry about bidding wars. And just trying to get ahead as a Canadian trying to plant my feet and grow myself in my country. It really gave me the opportunity to overcome these things.”Keisha is an elementary school teacher. She loves to travel and can speak three languages fluently (and is learning a fourth!). She also has an adorable dog named Frenchie.

Alison and Keisha on move in day

Owner-Resident #3: Jamad.

Jamad found out about Key through Facebook Marketplace. After speaking with our CMO Alison she felt that Key was the right place for her. “Just when I was about to give up, I came across Key.”She grew up in Brampton but fell in love with downtown Toronto and wanted to live close to where she is working as a registered nurse. She can speak two languages and is going to school to learn more in the health care sector.

Jamad working a nursing shift

These are just a few of the now almost 40 Torontonians that have embraced Key’s model, and joined our community as Owner-Residents. You can learn more about why our Owner-Residents joined Key here and join our waitlist to be among the first to know about our next round of suites.

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